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OilWellCoin is the first project in the world aimed at solving the problem of financing and developing the oil industry based on blockchain technology. It is created by a group of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in oil exploration, software development experts, and professional lawyers. The basis of the project is the OilWell platform created to liberalize the processes in the oil market and make them more transparent. The strategic goal of the OilWell project is to introduce innovative blockchain-based financing mechanisms into the oil production, refining and marketing industries, which will reduce the threshold for investors to enter the business and increase capital inflows into the industry. OilWell platform will allow anyone to become a member of the oil business.

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Oil licensed areas
To implement OilWell plans, our team launches a blockchain platform that will create the necessary infrastructure for the development of the production, sale, and transportation of oil operating with crypto assets. Platform users will have the opportunity to purchase certificates issued by the OilWell group. These certificates give you the right to have a discount on the purchase of oil.
Issuing of OILD tokens is regulated by Russian and international law. It became possible because of their connection to electronic oil discount certificates. If token holders don't want to buy the oil, they will be able to sell their tokens in the market.
There are 4 possible ways for the token holders to make a profit:
  • alt


  • alt

    Sell on the
    crypto market

  • alt


  • alt


    The cost is not more than 300%. Redeemed tokens are burned.
  • alt


  • alt

    Exchange the token for the discount certificate

    The tokens are then burned.
  • alt

    Buy oil at a
    discount of 20% from OilWellCoin

  • alt

    Sell oil
    on the oil exchange

  • alt


  • alt

    Exchange the token for the discount certificate

    The tokens are then burned.
  • alt

    Buy oil at a
    discount of 20% from OilWellCoin

  • alt


  • alt

    Sell petroleum refined products
    on the exchange

20% discount certificate

For the operation of the system 2 types of tokens will be produced:

ERC20 token- OILD, produced on the basis of the Ethereum platform, involved in the sale of tokens during the period of free Token Sale.

The token-asset- OILD ERC20 token, which is based on the Ethereum platform. You will be able to buy it during the period of free Token Sale. - a “virtual certificate” on izzz.io blockchain platform, which will be used as a safe and trusted repository of information about the discount certificates. To get a discount for buying oil, you will need to obtain a paper certificate by submitting a virtual certificate to the company's information system. You can get virtual certificates by exchanging them on the OilWell platform for OILS tokens.

Project presentation

Project CFO about new opportunities for the oil business


Alan Kokaev


Alan has been working in the management of various large companies in the oil and gas industry for more than 25 years. He has also been the creator and manager of several large investment projects in this area in the Russian Federation.

Magomed Khadisov


Magomed has significant experience in state and government projects, from the oil industry to regional management in the framework of the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Musa Jamalkhanov


Drilling manager from Western Siberia to Iraq. Under his leadership, technology has been developed for drilling wells with a depth of more than 4,800 meters, a field with an annual oil production volume of more than 75 thousand barrels per day.

Sarkis Darbinyan


Sarkis is a lawyer practicing cyberlaw, a managing partner of the Center for Digital Rights, and a member of the supervisory board of the Internet Support Foundation. He has extensive experience in ICO support and blockchain project activities.

Batrbek Kusov


Mining geological engineer. Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences; Corresponding Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. Batrbek has 50 years of experience in the oil industry and years of experience in the position of the chief geologist of leading companies in Russia and the CIS.

Artemy Soldatenkov


For more than 15 years of experience in the industry and B2B sales, Artemy managed to work in corporations such as Ericsson, Veon (ex-Vimpelcom), NAT and Schneider-Electric. He also created several own startups. He has dedicated the last 5 years to advising young entrepreneurs as well as blockchain and IoT developers.
Emission & distribution of tokens
  • 84%
  • 6%
  • 10%
Emission: 16 million tokens
Token price: $3,74
Soft cap: $10 000 000
Hard cap: $50 000 000
  • Token sale
  • Partner’s and adviser’s reward
  • Project team
Structure of expenses
  • 46,4%
  • 22,8%
  • 22,4%
  • 8,4%
  • Operating expenses of the project
  • Costs of repair and restoration works and testing of layers
  • Purchase of equipment and machinery for repair and restoration works, testing of oil-bearing formations in old wells
  • The costs for management activities of the project


Based on the production plan, the OilWellCoin project team has developed a roadmap for the project (Roadmap):

Obtaining a license for the development of the company's owned plot
Collection of geological and technological materials for analysis and subsequent development of the production plan
Drawing up the production plan and development of project documentation
Upgrading the concept to the financing platform and development of the blockchain technology-based oil production and refining industry
State examination. Registration of the position and register of discount certificates. Started sales discount certificates
Sale of discount certificates and making a decision on choosing one of the project development scenarios. Launch of Certificate Management System
Repair and rehabilitation operations. Geological exploration: seismic exploration; production wells drilling and testing
Acquisition and supply of equipment for repairing and testing of previously drilled wells. Construction within the production zone.
Commercial production of the field and further development of the platform

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Expert Reviews

Vladimir Prosvirkin

Managing Director at SHORTEX CryptoExchange

OilWellCoin is one of the few crypto-projects which has a clear token usage infrastructure and value add within the industry. Team of professionals gathered to change financing mechanisms in oil production.

Ivan Marahovka

Co-founder of the Neironix platform

The OilWellCoin project brings its rules to the oil market, allowing investors from anywhere in the world to participate in one of the most profitable business areas. Many Russian millionaires and billionaires have made their fortune thanks to Russia's rich oil resource. Dubai has completely changed since the start of oil production. The OilWellCoin team has every opportunity to enter the oil market and get its share, bringing good profit to its investors.

Now there is a closed sale stage. If you are interested in investing more than $10,000, leave your email, and we will contact you