Helium Wallet & Hotspot App On iOS & Android – Guide To HIP Vote, Payment Support & Ledger Balance

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Helium Wallet & Hotspot App On iOS & Android - Guide To HIP Vote, Payment Support & Ledger Balance

New HNT Token Wallet App Couples Increased Control with Updated Functionality

The Helium core team is thrilled to announce the launch of the Helium Wallet App today, a single app that allows you to manage both your tokens and identity on the Helium Network.

Helium Network Hotspot Management App Development Cycle

The Helium core team made an announcement on the future of Helium Apps in February 2022: the original Helium App would be divided into its two functional parts, hotspot management and token management. To learn more about that, click here.

The original Helium App is now the Helium Hotspot App, which is used to manage original Helium Hotspots*, while the new Helium Wallet App is used to manage tokens and your identity.

*Until every other Maker releases their Maker App or Dashboard, the Helium Hotspot App will continue to enable non-Helium Hotspots.

The redesigned Helium Wallet App is the result of four months’ worth of helpful community feedback. We’re immensely appreciative of the approximately 4,000 community members who have beta tested the app since February and shared their input on their experiences. I’m grateful.

Breakdown of Helium-related Apps as of June 8, 2022. Note that the Helium Hotspot App will continue to support non-Helium Hotspots until all other Makers release their Maker App or Dashboard.

What will happen to Wallet functionality in the Helium Hotspot App?

We encourage all Helium token holders and Hotspot owners to download and switch to the new Helium Wallet App. Simply import the same 12-word seed phrase into the Wallet App. You’ll continue managing your Hotspot in other Maker Apps or Dashboards.

While the Helium Hotspot App will still be used for managing original Helium Hotspots, wallet-related functionality in the Hotspot App will be deprecated in the next 3 months.

Make the switch to the Helium Wallet App and take advantage of some of its key features today:

Multiple Account Support

Import your 12 or 24-word seed phrase accounts that you created on the Helium Hotspot App. You can import a total of 10 accounts, view their balance and transaction activity, and send/receive transactions.

Ledger Balance

Import your Ledger account by pairing with it over Bluetooth. Payment and other transaction support will be coming soon.

Address Book

Save your commonly used addresses in an Address Book and give them a nickname! Now you can be sure you’re sending and receiving tokens from the correct address.

Verify your Helium Identity

Use the new Wallet App to connect to various dApps like Crowdspot and authenticate your identity on the Helium blockchain.

Helium Vote

Vote on Helium Improvement Proposals directly in the Helium Wallet App! Avoid the clunky QR scanning altogether.

Multiple Recipient Payment Support

Already available on the CLI wallet, multiple recipient payments are now supported on the Wallet App. This is most useful for those that need to wait for a payment transaction to clear and appear on the blockchain before sending the next payment.

Download today on Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

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