How 5G Hotspot Owners Earn MOBILE Token On Helium Wallet App? | Crypto Networks Join IoT Ecosystem Post HIP-51 Vote

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How 5G Hotspot Owners Earn MOBILE Token On Helium Wallet App? | Crypto Networks Join IoT Ecosystem Post HIP-51 Vote

The Helium Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of MOBILE mining rewards today. Anyone who has their Helium 5G Hotspot and compatible CBRS Small Cell Radio operational will be able to earn the new MOBILE token in exchange for bringing Helium 5G coverage to their locality.

Helium Improvement Protocol 51 Approval facilitates 5G ecosystem expansion

Building public, inexpensive, secure, and people-owned worldwide wireless networks has always been the goal of the Helium Community.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Network, which currently has over 900,000 Hotspots worldwide and is still expanding every day, was introduced as the initial stage of this objective. The IoT Network drastically altered the telecoms landscape and ushered in a new era of wireless connectivity that is democratized thanks to its Helium Network Token (HNT) crypto-economic system.

Helium Improvement Proposal (HIP) 51 was approved by the People’s Network community last month, setting the stage for a new phase of the Helium project. The use and worth of the Ecosystem are now increased as new networks join Helium, each with their own community governance and currency.

Helium 5G is the first brand-new network to join the Ecosystem. People all over the country are lighting up their towns with Helium 5G and mining MOBILE, which is similar to the fervor around the launch of the IoT network and the mining of HNT.

How to obtain a Helium 5G Hotspot and begin accumulating MOBILE

Anyone who wants to earn the new MOBILE token will need a Helium 5G Hotspot and compatible CBRS Small Cell Radio, available from Makers in the Helium Ecosystem separately or as a bundle. There are two types of CBRS Small Cell Radios available:

Indoor version of the hotspot.
  • Indoor: typically easier to install, indoor deployments create a localized area of Helium 5G coverage. These setups are ideal for houses, coffee shops, and other small businesses! They cover roughly 3x the area of WiFi.
Outdoor version of the hotspot.
  • Outdoor: typically requiring a more involved setup process, these are optimized to create wider Helium 5G coverage while withstanding the elements, so you can build the Network rain or shine! They can cover several city blocks depending on placement.

Grab your Helium 5G Hotspot and start earning MOBILE here.*

*Note: The Helium 5G Network is currently only available in the U.S. Please stay tuned for updates regarding the expansion of the network.

Anybody who currently owns a 5G Hotspot can view MOBILE earnings in the Helium Wallet App

From San Francisco to St. Louis to New York City, people are building an affordable and secure 5G wireless network, with thousands of Helium 5G Hotspots already online.

If you’ve got a Helium 5G Hotspot and Small Cell Radio that’s online and registered in the Spectrum Access System (SAS), you’re all set to start earning MOBILE. Within 5 days of proper setup, your 5G Hotspot will appear on depending on how quickly the SAS has gotten it registered.

Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Helium Wallet App (1.2.2) from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Any MOBILE tokens you’ve earned for providing Helium 5G coverage will be visible in the Helium Wallet once they’re received.

For more information on setting up your Helium 5G Hotspot, rewards, and the emissions schedule, check out these docs.

MOBILE Genesis and beyond

Today marks the start of MOBILE Genesis, which presents a unique opportunity for Helium 5G Hotspot Owners to earn the MOBILE token as part of an incentivized deployment of the Helium 5G Network.

During this limited period, 100 million MOBILE tokens will be programmatically issued per day to all active Helium 5G Hotspots as a reward for building the Network. Details of the proportional mining rewards for active Helium 5G Small Cell Radios can be found here. When the Genesis period ends, MOBILE tokens will be redeemable for HNT within the Helium Wallet App.

The Genesis period will end with the establishment of a “treasury” for MOBILE tokens, which will occur when the recently-passed HIP 53 has been fully implemented. Read HIP 53 here.

MOBILE Genesis rewards are drawn from a 50-billion MOBILE allocation the Helium Foundation received in the form of pre-mine, as defined in HIP 51 and HIP 53, and approved by community-wide votes. Also drawn from the 50-billion MOBILE pre-mine, the Helium Foundation will issue a grant of 15 billion MOBILE to Nova Labs to continue the development work on the launch of MOBILE. Read more about how the pre-mine is being allocated here.

Want to know more about MOBILE? Check out these FAQs

Where can I find more information on MOBILE rewards? To get a more in-depth understanding of MOBILE, check out these docs about 5G on Helium. Also, take a look at Hotspotty’s MOBILE rewards calculator here.

How long will MOBILE Genesis last? At the very least, MOBILE Genesis will last one month. The Genesis period will end with the establishment of a “treasury” for MOBILE tokens, which will occur when HIP 53 has been implemented.

Where can I get my Helium 5G Hotspot for mining MOBILE? You will need a Helium 5G Hotspot and compatible CBRS Small Cell Radio to start mining MOBILE rewards. There are a number of ecosystem Makers who sell these separately or as “bundles,” both for indoor and outdoor setups. Find links to Maker stores here.

Where can I find installation and deployment resources for my 5G Hotspot? The Helium Foundation’s docs are a good place to start. From there, you’ll find a step-by-step indoor setup guide here and outdoor setup guide here. We also recommend checking out FreedomFi’s blog, which includes a series on how and where to deploy different CBRS radios.

To get real-time support from the community, the Helium Discord is the best place. The #5g-cbrs channel is the most relevant for Helium 5G and MOBILE.

How can I tell my 5G Hotspot is online? Once the 5G Hotspot is all plugged in and set up and the Small Cell Radio physically installed, the Small Cell Radio will automatically start working and establish its GPS coordinates.* Then, while on the same local network, you should see your radio online under the “Radio Dashboard” tab at the 5G Hotspot Dashboard: //freedomfi-gateway.local/.**

Your 5G Hotspot will also appear on within 5 days, depending on how quickly it is registered in the SAS.

*Note: Indoor CBRS Small Cell Radios come with a GPS unit that needs to be attached to the Radio before it can automatically establish its GPS coordinates.

**To see your Radio on the 5G Hotspot Dashboard at //freedomfi-gateway.local/, make sure that you’re on the same Network as the 5G Hotspot.

How can I tell I’m earning MOBILE rewards? Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the Helium Wallet App (1.2.2), available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The Helium Wallet is where you’ll be able to view all Helium tokens — HNT, MOBILE, and soon IOT. Read more about the Helium Wallet App here.

Will I be able to transfer MOBILE between wallets? Yes, you’ll be able to transfer MOBILE between crypto wallets, but make sure you have version 1.2.2 of the Helium Wallet App.

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