Join ‘The Bitcoin Hunt’ for Bitcoin Hidden in Rapper Cipher’s Artwork

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Cipher, has officially become the first creative artist and innovator to hide an entire Bitcoin in their artwork. He invites the world to decode his art and uncover his hidden Bitcoin with the launch of “The Bitcoin Hunt,” a first-of-its-kind treasure quest within the blockchain universe.

‘The Bitcoin Hunt’ is an immersive, interactive experience where participants engage with Cipher’s expansive music & art portfolio to uncover hidden clues that lead to a Bitcoin worth $69,779 at the time of writing. This digital treasure, meticulously encrypted within the artist’s body of work, awaits the keenest problem solver as a symbol of victory and digital art connoisseurship.

Cipher, whose work transcends traditional forms, has skillfully integrated this Bitcoin into an array of mediums, including evocative music compositions, vibrant images, mesmerizing animations, thought-provoking videos, innovative NFT collections, and Ordinals. ‘The Bitcoin Hunt’ not only showcases his creative mastery but is shows his commitment to revolutionizing art interaction and ownership in web3, the third iteration of the internet.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the potential of art to tell stories and challenge perceptions,” said Cipher. “With ‘The Bitcoin Hunt,’ I invite my audience to become part of the narrative, to embrace curiosity, and to be rewarded for their passion and intellect. It’s an adventure that bridges the gap between my fans and myself, where the thrill of the chase becomes art itself.”

Participants can join ‘The Bitcoin Hunt’ immediately, with clues being disseminated through various channels, including Cipher’s official website, social media platforms, and other undisclosed digital avenues. The challenge will continue until the Bitcoin is claimed, encouraging a race against time and wit amongst enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

‘The Bitcoin Hunt’ is also a community-building initiative, encouraging collaboration and discourse among participants. Hunters are welcome to join the “cipherpunks” community, share insights and discuss strategies within a designated forum while adhering to the spirit of competition and the rules of the game.

Art collectors, music fans, cryptography aficionados, and gaming enthusiasts interested in taking part in this unprecedented quest can access further details and sign up to receive updates on the official website:

Join ‘The Bitcoin Hunt’. Unveil the clues. Crack the code. Claim the bounty.

About Cipher: Cipher is an internationally recognized creative artist and musician, whose innovative work across various mediums challenges the traditional boundaries of art and technology. With a reputation for pioneering new forms of creative expression, Cipher’s pieces have captivated audiences around the globe and have been featured in numerous exhibitions and digital platforms.


David Gonzales, Cipher Entertainment

Text: 214-919-3314



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