Kooler Farms Launches B2B Cold Chain Storage & Distribution Solution Using Helium IoT Network, EWS Sensors Monitor Food Temperature

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Kooler Farms Launches B2B Cold Chain Storage & Distribution Solution Using Helium IoT Network, EWS Sensors Monitor Food Temperature

Applications of IoT Ecosystem in Cold Storage Industry

Kooler Farms is the latest project to join The People’s Network! Kooler Farms is a Florida-based cold storage company with an east coast focus that understands the importance and complexity of cold storage in the last mile supply chain of food and pharmaceuticals.

Founder Donovan Mackey talks about all things Kooler Farms, the challenges it solves, and how it’s putting The People’s Network to work. Check out the full interview below.

What was the inspiration behind Kooler Farms?

I worked in cold storage industrial real estate for a long time and really saw the need for drastically improved cold storage options, especially for smaller businesses. My initial objective was to repurpose undervalued properties for last-mile cold chain fulfillment, but I soon realized that making a cooler box “Smart” was more of a challenge. In the end, Kooler Farms was created to help businesses keep products at a consistent temperature for prolonged periods.

It’s good to know our ice cream isn’t melting on the way to the store. What else does Kooler Farms do really well besides keeping products at a consistent temperature?

Everything that we do is centered on delivering best-in-class B2B cold storage while also providing accessibility, flexibility, and risk mitigation to smaller businesses that were previously pushed out by high costs, limited availability, and rigid timelines.

That vision is why we created the Early Warning System (“EWS”) using sensors. Our users are ultimately able to confirm the validity of temperature and access through a mobile notification to reduce product risks and environmental claims.

Cold storage that’s not an eyesore

That’s a lot of value! Besides supporting a great company in the ecosystem, why should people care about cold chain storage from Kooler Farms?

People buy products affected by cold chain storage constantly. Besides ensuring that your frozen pizza stays frozen, it also ensures the safety and quality of perishables like vaccines and product ingredients. Without cold chain storage, products suffer from discoloration, microbial growth, and degradation that can do a lot of harm.

For brands, Kooler Farms is vital because we solve the last mile challenge, which refers to the final stages of product deliveries. SMART cold chain storage on The People’s Network also ensures that no product is lost in distribution, promotes market expansion, and increases revenue by cutting logistical costs. Plus, Kooler Farms allows clients to maintain brand identity throughout the delivery and storage process with storage units that aren’t an eye-sore for local communities.

An inside rendering of a Kooler Farms storage unit

Why did you choose Helium to help deliver all of these benefits?

When we were first making the Early Warning System and SMART cold chain storage a reality, we had numerous starts with traditional high-cost product developers. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Helium that I finally saw my vision materialize. Today we’ve deployed ten devices with Helium along with three Hotspots and plan to expand those numbers in 2022 and beyond.

To do so, we will be working with customers like local grocery stores, cold storage units used by food grade operators, restaurant chains, pharmaceuticals, education facilities, medical facilities, material manufacturers, and more. In other words, we’re going to be very busy!

With a future app release for greater data visibility, Kooler Farms is paving the way for smart storage on The People’s Network. To learn more and ask Donovan your burning questions on cold chain yourself, register for The Uplink with Kooler Farms on March 1st at 12 pm PT.

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